Registration of Marriage Registration of Marriage

Registration of Marriage

7. Registration of Marriage (Solemnized as per Mexican Law)

In order to register the Marriage, first you have to give a 30-day notice in two Indian newspapers and after 30 days with all documents as listed below you can register you Marriage in the Embassy in Mexico.

(i) Completed Miscellaneous services Application form dully filled up, signed and pasted with a photo alongwith the system-generated Provisional Receipt.

Link for filling the Application Form online and printing copy for submission at and select 'Mexico' as country.

(ii) Original and copies of passports of both Bride and Bridegroom.

(iii) Original declarations by Bride and Bridegroom in duplicate.

(iv) Original and copy of legal Residence in Mexico (FM card/INE).

(v) Copy of proof of residential address in Mexico i.e. electricity, water, telephone bill in the name of applicant or any family member (If utility bills are in the name of owner, then copy of owner's ID is required)  OR Copy of a lease deed /rent agreement with a copy of owner’s Mexican ID.

(vi) Original Letter of employer in English, signed by the authorized signing authority of the Company addressed to the Consular Officer, Embassy of India, Mexico City, stating date of appointment and position in the Company. In case of private business, copy of Company’s registration with SAT.

(vii) Two photographs each of both Bride and Bridegroom, size (5X5 cms), in color with white Background

(viii) Sworn affidavit of both stating being unmarried before the solemnization of this marriage, and stating that both have no living spouse.

(ix) Original Marriage certificate duly apostilled by Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE).

(x) Original full page of the newspapers in which the advertisements were published should be presented to Consular Officer within 30 days of submission of notice of intended marriage.

(xi) Annexure E to be filled-up and signed before Consular Officer by the Indian national.

Note: the list of documents is indicative and not exhaustive. Further information may be requested during review of application.

Personal presence of the applicant at the Embassy is mandatory. Book your appointment here.

Fee and Mode of payment:

Fee to be deposited in respective banks and it is required to bring original fee payment receipts.


Embajada de la Republica De la India


MXN $ 950

Scotia Bank

Embajada de la Republica De la India


MXN $ 40

Do not deposit complete fee in one bank!

Draft of notice to be given in the Newspapers for Publication


Mr. _____holder of (name of country) Passport No. _____and Mrs. _________holder of (name of country) Passport No. _______ intend registering their marriage at the Embassy of India, Mexico City, 325 Alfred de Musset, Polanco Sec-V, Mexico - 11550 under the Foreign Marriage Act, 1969 of India.


Objections, if any, may be conveyed to the Embassy of India, Mexico City within 30 days.