Celebration of ITEC Day 2022 Celebration of ITEC Day 2022

Celebration of ITEC Day 2022

Embassy of India
Mexico City

Press Release

Celebration of ITEC Day 2022

27th March 2023, Mexico City

    The Embassy of India, Mexico City, celebrated the ITEC Day 2022 at the Embassy Auditorium on 24th March 2023.   Mr. Carlos Javaier Castillo Perez, Director General of Cooperation and Bilateral Economic Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Mexico was the Guest of Honor at the Event. Besides  senior government officials representing Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation (AMEXCID), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, senior officials from other government agencies and prominent Mexican universities, ITEC alumni who attended the training in India in 2022-23 and previous years were present for the ITEC Day 2022 celebrations.

2.  Ambassador of India to Mexico, Dr. Pankaj Sharma in his speech highlighted the importance of ITEC programme giving out details of the ITEC Courses and how India has steadfastly continued its commitment of international capacity building with the partner countries during the last fifty years.  Ambassador also highlighted  the launch of e-ITEC courses and thanked the various agencies of the Mexican government for their support in promoting the ITEC Programme in Mexico.  Ambassador reiterated India’s commitment to enhance India’s strong bond of friendship with Mexico through capacity building programmes.

3.  ITEC alumni also shared their experiences while receiving ITEC training at various Institutions in India and thanked the Government of India for inviting them and allowing to be part of the programme. They also shared their memorable experiences during their stay in India expressing gratitude for the opportunity. Videos of ITEC courses, interview of ITEC alumni representing various countries, as well as India’s Presidency of G-20 were also screened on the occasion. The event was followed by networking and an Indian dinner.