Bids invited for providing unarmed local security guards for Chancery and Embassy Residence Bids invited for providing unarmed local security guards for Chancery and Embassy Residence

Bids invited for providing unarmed local security guards for Chancery and Embassy Residence


Embassy of India

Mexico City

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Bids for providing unarmed local security guards for Chancery and Embassy Residence.

Embassy of India, Mexico City invites bids from reputed and registered security  guard   companies/agencies   at   the   terms   &   conditions   attached at Annexure – I, for hiring of Security Guards at the Chancery and Embassy Residence as per following details:

At Chancery     -  24 X 7, Two Security Guards  (2 shifts of 12 hrs each)

At Residence  -  24 X 7, Two Security Guards  (2 shifts of 12 hrs each)

  1. The quotes in a sealed envelope should reach Embassy of India, Mexico City at following address not later than 1700 hrs on 14thAugust 2020. The envelop should clearly inscribed as “Bids for providing Local Security Guards ” quoting reference number MEX/ADM/815/01/2020 and may be sent by post or hand delivered at the following address:
  2. Head of Chancery

    Embassy of India, Mexico City 325, Alfredo de Musset,

    Col. Polanco, Mexico DF,  CP 11550

  3. The Bids should remain valid for 90 days. The Company should clearly indicate the period within which local security guards may be provided for deployment as the Embassy intends to start the services as early as possible after awarding the contract to selected company.
  4. The bidders should be well established, reputed and must be registered with Mexican Government/Authorities for providing security guard services in Mexico. The Embassy may, at its discretion, verify the credential and past records of bidding companies with local government.
  5. Terms and conditions are not subject to negotiations, once the quotation is accepted and the Security agency/company is selected.
  6. The Embassy of India reserves the right to reject any or all bids and/or cancel the tender any time without prior notice.
  7. For further enquiries Embassy of India, Mexico City may be contacted at telephone Nos.  (00521)  55 5531 1050 (Ext.  112, 103 or 109)  and email  : or

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Annexure - I

Terms & Conditions

  1. The Security Agency should provide proof of compliance as regards to local laws and statutory regulations in running a private security company.
  2. The Service Provider/ Security Agency should provide only such Security Guards who have been vetted by local government’s security department(s) in terms of past records, character and antecedents. The Service Provider should be able to provide back ground details of the SGs and also proof of their vetting.
  3. The Security Company submitting bids should furnish information about its other clients including period and type of service rendered in broad terms.
  4. A security guard proposed for deployment should not be less than 25 years of age OR more than 50 years of age. The security guards being deployed should have education at least upto 12th Standard.
  5. Security Guards proposed for deployment should be physically and mentally fit. He/She should not suffer from an apparent disability including obesity/overweight that would hinder efficient discharge of the duties typical to a security guard.
  6. Security Guards should be perform their duties in smart uniforms and their overall appearance should be neat and clean.
  7. Security Guards should possess training in basic security duties. They should possess knowledge of the potential threats to an Embassy in general terms and also knowledge of what is suspicious in terms of men and material in the given local context. Basic training on security duties such as access control, anti-sabotage checks (of persons, baggage and vehicle) including use of basic security tools such as Hand Held Metal Detector (HHMD).
  8. Weekly off should be given to the guards by the company, essence being the guards on duty should always be alert and not tired.
  9. Security Company should have provisions for real time checks of functioning of the Security Guards to ensure that the quality of the provided staff and the service they render is always above the benchmark. The Company should be able to provide the proof of this to the Embassy.
  10. Besides the knowledge of local language, knowledge of English will be an added advantage to the Security Guards and shall be preferred. They should be trained sufficiently to screen the visitors to the Embassy.
  11. The Company will be responsible for paying the statutory minimum wages as local laws. The Company should agree to provide us details of salary, allowances, Social Security contribution and leave etc. it permits for Security Guards.
  12. The Company should agree and be able to provide a choice of persons three times our requirement to interview and choose from. In case of good performance, we should have the option of retaining a particular Security Guard(s).
  13. The Company should also deploy a supervisor and a contact person for the Embassy to get in touch with in case of any emergency or special need. A Company representative/Supervisor should also make surprise check on the Security Guards for their alertness and attendance.
  14. Subject to the above conditions, the company should have sufficient Security Guards on its roll so that the staff is rotated periodically.
  15. The bidding process involve two-stage bidding. Hence the security companies who are participating in the bidding process should submit two bids – Technical and Financial – in separate sealed envelopes
  16. Both the Technical and Financial bid should have the date and signature of the authorized signatory of the service provider company with company stamp. The Technical and Financial bid should be in separate envelopes clearly marked and both these envelopes should be enclosed in a single outer envelope, with marking “Bids for providing Local Security Guards” quoting reference number MEX/ADM/815/01/2020.
  17. The Technical bid should have the following quality parameters:
  18. (i)        List of other clients, the company is serving in terms of supply of Security guards;

    (ii)       evidence of number of years of experience in providing Security guards, service history, achievements of the company while providing the services to its clients;

    (iii)      evidence of registration of the company under relevant statutory regulations such as labour laws applicable in running a private security company; proof of vetting by local government’s security department(s). 

    (iv)      evidence of range of security service provided and size of the reserve pool of men and logistics such as response team, patrol vehicle, security equipment, control room facilities, communication equipments under use etc.;

    (v)       attrition rate of security guards and security supervisors with the company;

    (vi)      industry certification obtained by the company for its service quality and company’s relationship with the local police authorities/departments

    (vii)     scope of limit and liability of the company’s.

  19. The Financial bid should have the following parameters:
  20. (i)        number of security guards being provided with duty hours to cover the projected requirement of 24X7 duty.

    (ii)       duty hours of day duty; night shift; during week ends and week days.

    (iii)      the charges for providing security guards – unit price per security guards/ per shift/per hour, mentioning the number of hours such shift would have and how many security personal will be on duty.

            Bids which do not comply with above requirements would be out rightly rejected.

In addition to the above, selected company shall be required to sign the contract with the Embassy incorporating above terms & conditions in details for a period of one year extendable for another year on same terms and conditions agreed upon initially while contracting the selected company. Draft contract may be obtained on request from the Embassy or by email  OR

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