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Under Section 1 of Article 27 of the Constitution of the United Mexican States, foreigners can buy property outside the restricted zone (strip of land of 100 kilometers along the border and 50 kilometers on the beaches), must obtain previously a permit from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate General for Legal Affairs, at its headquarters or in the delegations inside the Republic by filing out the forms that are posted on the page http://sre.gob.mx/convenio-de-renuncia-para-la-adquisicion-de-bienes-inmuebles-fuera-de-zona-restringida and by submitting documents requested there. The license number shall be recorded in the deed of sale to be concluded before a notary public.

In the event that the property is in the restricted area, the foreigner may not hold the property and it can only be purchased through the legal concept of a trust that resembles the use and enjoyment thereof, for a period of 50 years and that is renewable for another 50 years. In this case, the trustee delegate of the credit institution designated as a trustee will handle the permission in order to set up a trust, before a notary public. Such permission must be used within 180 calendar days.


Contracts for the purchase of properties that do not comply with the formalities mentioned above shall be null and void. The aforementioned is kindly conveyed to the embassy with the purpose of providing the nationals of India with reliable information so that they can perform valid operations. For any consultations on these procedures, you may contact the Directorate General of Legal Affairs through dgjuridicos@sre.gob.mxor phone 36 86 52 34 or 36 86 51 00 extension 6416.

Updated as on 15 Nov 2017


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